Reflections on the other side of the mirror

I like to quote myself… It sounds importeresting!

Modesty is what you do without coercion when nobody else is seeing.

Incest in the Arab culture, by definition, is a sexual intercourse between the husband and the wife after 3 years of marriage.

I’m notorious for my short term infatuations that fade by time, and long term nostalgia for my short infatuations.

Applying modern laws on historic illogical institutions is not only absurd, but makes them even far more illogical institutions.

Curiosity is the greatest tutor!

It’s better not to say than to say. But, it’s better to write than not to write!

“Socialist” is originally a portmanteau of “social list”, like “blog” of “web log.” It doesn’t make sense, so get over it!

The quantity of people astray doesn’t give a slight hint about the right direction.

The greatest investments ever are knowledge, health, and money!

The majority of humans didn’t reach the required evolutionary point of 100% responsibility yet – that’s why libertarians are still a minority!

Stand against public spending, public sector, taxation, free education, subsidized products, minimum wage, trade unions, and unemployment and disability benefits! Stand firm against socialism and Islamism!

Traditions aren’t habits to keep, but rather stuff to be thrown in the nearest bin, to keep your brains fresh and healthy, and also the environment clean.

Give me a keyboard and a short internet cable, and I can change the world!

The road to creativity: Perception – Knowledge – Practice – Profession – Creativity… Another shortcut is complete ignorance.

The Egyptian mainstream adopts a combination of a-leftist-anti-Semite and an-Islamist-incitement – An adequate medium for terrorism.

…The keyboard is apparently my 3rd hand.

Remember that a 7-Deuce hand might win in a 9-table highball poker!

Sickle cell anaemia is a holy disease for communists.

Never blind-fold! You never know what’s in the box, until you try it!

It’s nice to have a shot from every glass before you leave the party.

The ecstasy of winning a gamble money in your pocket, can only be compared to the thrilling taste of a pure vodka sip on your tongue.

Individual rights, free will, and voluntary action. My Holy Trio. Amen!

On the web, everyone is famous for 15 minutes.

Economy is as simple as an old upper Egyptian woman sitting in front of Tura prison in south Cairo, and selling Fetir Mshltt to prisoners’ families. No taxes! No.regulations! And no state intervention!

I think that left anarchists need to be robbed off of their money, have their houses burnt down, their cars crashed, and their teeth bled. So they could get to learn, materially, the meaning of vandalism. And later could perceive the value of private property.

Planned economy is like organized religion. They both submits you under their omnipotent oppression.

The coincidence is the meeting point in a certain timeline, at which two, or more, free-voluntary-wills meet and compete, or meet and shake hands.

If the keyboard was invented in the USSR, it would have a QUEER layout with a COMI LOCK.

What you are? you are a mere accident of birth. What I am? I am by myself. There are and will be a thousand princes, but there is only one Ahmed Zidan.

Life is a series of competitions for Survival of the Fittest, begins with the winner-takes-it-all between sperms at the gates of the fallopian tube.

Off, our photo album is getting bigger and sexier everyday. It’s good how we become sexier more and more as we grow up some brains! I love myself in the thumbnail with you, and I love how we look together. Digitally talking, it’s 30 MB of memories now. But symbolically talking, it’s 30 million °F of love!

A woman who devotes her body for a one-man-show, is as monochrmoatic as a fundamentalist who leaves his beliefs out of question for the whole of his life. Monomania is an outdated outfit.

I, myself, as a manufacturer, would produce what makes sense to the public, however as an artist, I would create what makes sense to me.

I’m the strongest, the fittest, and the most desirable from the natural barriers’ point of view.

Capitalism destroys the weak.

Getting drunk is one of the greatest joys in life after having sex.

If the time would defeat you in only one occasion; at the moment of your demise. After a-six-digit number of successive battles that you have already won. Committing suicide is winning the battle against both time and fools who are still alive wandering in wonder.

The élite are in favour of the only beneficial market elected virus which could have a natural selectivity action only against the weak – Capitalism.

Anarchy doesn’t mean that there are “no rules.” However, it simply means that the rules are market elected.

A person who lives a leftist life is living with the appealing awareness of being in the right, exactly as a person who lives a religious life with the increasing appeal of being a secular.

The egoism never kills, however its antagonist does.

Negotiate and get around to clutch your liberty with the minimum losses.

To be egoist, or not to be.

It’s the freedom of anyone to believe in Jesus or Johnny Depp, however the problem lies when someone try to defend a constitution derived mainly from fairy tales.

By means of selfishness, I do exist. By means of altruism, you’ll die soon! Very soon!

A small government is a contradiction in terms exactly like when you say “fanatic liberal.”

Shouldn’t you put a limit to your dreams, you’ll acheive this limitlessness!

If it was not for the existence of the bourgeoisie intellectuals, the other classes wouldn’t have evoluted to such a cultural evolution we are living now.

Our freedom, as individuals, to be fair or not, equals our freedom to pay money for self-indulgence or throw them away.

Let your internal mind discovers the hidden person within you!

In Heaven, there’s only one thing: Visual Illusion.

The society is the virtual shelter for the weak, meanwhile the Self is the dwelling for the strong!

Man can create his own enjoyment and his own destruction at the very same level. Hence, man is the creator!

I may accompany lower socioeconomic classes, however, I never get along with lower cultural classes.

Two liars; clerks and politicians.

The woman could have been the shepherd, the hunter, the mason, or the smith. However, it’s not her physiologic characters that hinder her from such jobs, it’s the man’s rapacity which favours the decrease in his competitors’ number, and his sexual edacity which scarcely accept the muscular female, therefore he could subsist his muscle-supported-oppression against her, safely.

It’s good to lose something; just to know the meaning of glory, when you win.

Money is the key, the door, and the time.

Only the weak and the unqualified complain of the competitiveness.

Monopoly does not only lack the customer’s faith towards the product, but it loses also the challenge, the thrill, and the creativity of competitive capitalism.

It’s better for the rich to contribute the charity voluntarily, rather than the mandatory state-controlled social security. Moreover, it’s better and more humane for the poor, themselves, faraway, public mendicancy, or state bureaucracy.

There’re things that money can’t buy, but, for any other thing, there’s capitalism!

Communists have one god, but we have many! And hereby, lies the freedom of choice!

If the “Heaven and Hell” theory is true, then, all the communists will go to hell; because God is an extreme capitalist!

Wikipedia and Facebook are the inevitable cultural and social globalisation, respectively.

Liberate your mind as a first step for libertarianism.

We speak the very same language, although our different tongues. It’s the universal language, even for the non-sensible – liberty.

Provided the religion adheres to the worshipping place only, the science to the lab., and the politics to the public scene. The three will avoid the expected war, and we’ll avoid being the victims!

My faith is my mind, my sex is inside my pants, while my politics are in the public.

Why God is He and not She?!

The invention serves the scientist and serves the world. However, unless the scientist’s self-interest existed, the invention wouldn’t have surfaced.

When your internal mind speaks, it’s always something that it seeks!

Create or Suffocate!

One brain gets a good idea, two brains give the best solution.

Observe and conclude! Survive your thoughts!

The intellectualism is a stationary phase with a searching mind, while the animalism is the extreme opposite.

We’re all working for an animal need satisfaction, and all our intellectual works rotate in the animal needs’ frame and serve this animal need satisfaction of the individual glory – selfness.

Our mind progresses as we advance in age and climbs our ancestral tree of the cultural evolution, beginning from the pure animalism at our infancy to the hybrid animalism-intellectualism at our senility.

The animalism demise results in the extinction of the individual only, however the intellectualism demise results in the extinction of the whole species.

Survival of the most intellective.

The cultural evolution is searching for animalism in an intellectual manner.

Activism withdraws the positivity and the value from the core ethics of life.

The assassination of a dream requires on the first hand, the assassination of the dreamer; so the believers would frustrate and lose hope.

He’s too hungry to eat in a humane way.

Let the nature play its role!

Not all humans are humans!

Life gradually is becoming life!

We are beings of the same species. No shame!

The way I feel about you is the same way you feel towards me too.

When somebody loves, he never hates.

There’re more than one meaning for every word, but there’s only one word for this meaning: “love.”

Neither Satan, nor God is between the lovers. What’s between the lovers is love.

When you look at your past, you may regret it, or you may just smile. But, sure you’ll learn something!

Any result in the beginning is just a win; if you succeed, sure you win, and if you slip you win too… You win the experience.

My life is my choice!

We wouldn’t do it, only, in case we died!

I build my future by the past broken bricks.

Don’t only dream to beat the record! But, to reach the apex of all mountains!

Scientists should tame the harms of nature, and think how to convert them into benefits!

Someone fake: when the label shapes him. Someone authentic: when he, himself, creates the labels!

Mostly, the majority are wrong.

Our mouths weren’t created to express what should be right, but what we see right.

It’s an enough pride for Liverpool city to have both, the LFC’s and the Beatles’ cultures.

Pink Floyd is a mysterious, yet legends of making music.

Sleeping with ladies is the only way to understand their minds!

Bras may look sexy, but they’re not healthy!

Take thy stethoscope and fuck off, music is going to heal my soul!

When you date for the first time. Use your mind!; Cause a woman’s innocent heart could be easily deceived!

The world gets closer to each other, and everything goes smaller and tinier, even the ladies’ clothes and underwears!

Half the world females are lesbians, meanwhile the other half are bisexuals.

God left us advertisements for Heaven, on earth: women, wine and Buddha-Bar music.

She is made in Heaven, and now she’s on loan to earth!

Her/ his sole is a distinct indicator for her/ his soul! Two liars; clerks and politicians.

هذا المنشور نشر في قلة أدب. حفظ الرابط الثابت.


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